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Hi Douglas, would you please consider to release The Enamoured Knight as an e-book? Also, I would love to read your novels and stories in Dutch but as far as I know only Marguerite was translated. I read Copula Spiders and the Erotics of Restraint, which are a huge help for me, can’t get enough 😊 so thank you. Because of you I discovered Juan Rulfo ❤️

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This is great. I had so many of the same influences (and same personality traits). Another important influence for me was John Gardiner. And I remember Sean O'Casey writing, (as I remember) you must give up everything you can afford and everything you cannot afford. Seemed almost like a religious vocation, novel writing.I am still practicing but not yet sanctified.

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That first paragraph is a relief to read--to know my own feelings resonate with such fine company.

Footnote #4 noted. I’m 1/3 of the way through your essay collections, plus have read through the available online versions and will continue to reference. Intimidated by your latest collection, but yes, will eventually get to it. Trying not to construct my creative coffin too soon.

I met Anna Porter once. Her memoir, The Storyteller: Memory, Secrets, Magic and Lies, has many similarities with my dad’s family history and the way it’s kept buried.

Milan Kundera. One of my favourite scenes is the first short chapter of his novel Immortality. When I recommended the read to a friend, she was disgusted by those same first paragraphs, spitting feminist nails, and refused to read further. I don’t care. I still love it for the moment, the narration, the emotions, and the ideas captured so efficiently. Should read it again…it’s been …decades since I cracked its spine.

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